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What is the right technology for my business strategy?

Manufacturing Consulting from OAS is a strategic resource that provides your organization with guidance and insight for creating strategies and plans to derive maximum manufacturing capabilities from your assembly lies. Our consultants combine business acumen with technical expertise to align your business objectives. Read more OAS competency to make solutions work.



Extended answer:

OAS employs industry-leading expertise to develop road maps, define production line optimization strategies, leverage investments, and create migration plans. We provide an unparalleled breadth of multi-vendor, multi-technology convergence expertise, paired with a legacy of technology and service excellence, to fashion solutions and strategies that support your specific business imperatives.



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Business Benefits

  • Achieve business strategy objectives, with actionable plans and roadmaps

  • Validate against global business trends

  • Optimize production lines and your investments



  • Holistically solve your production line problems by aligning business strategy with technology strategy

  • Builds and provides a framework for continuously identifying and achieving  objectives

  • Optimize operations for maximum performance and return on investment

  • Adapt your business strategy as technology and business needs change


Improve your level of service


Manufacturing Consulting from OAS helps you validate and execute a comprehensive technology and production line strategy for your business. This service addresses gaps in your production strategy and its execution, helping to identify resolve business problems and pain points.

Manufacturing Consulting aims to enhance results through better and more efficient interaction between your employees, and your production system. It encompasses best-practices elements of industry and vertical knowledge, and can provide insight and information while addressing your most important production challenges. OAS can help you build upon the services you offer and the systems you have installed.



We can offer you customized consulting services focusing on:

  • Production line Assembly process

  • Warehousing – Stockroom management

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems

Whatever your level of need, experienced OAS consultants can provide you with customized direction.




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